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                    About us
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                    Company profile
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                      Shanghai Cai Xuan Machinery Co., Ltd.  is  excellent  manufacturer of Oil Skimmer and Stainless steel belt. We  are always in the two concepts " Green "and" Saving " and  having experience to manufacture the machines over 30 years.
                      We have  highly  efficient, based on our loyalty and proficiency to the environmental protection. To design and develop every endurable and stable oil skimmer such as belt oil skimmer、equipment of oil-receding boat、sewage disposal equipment、industrial、restaurant  、residential oil-water skimmer、grease-separated tank, and so on.
                    We keep investing in a lot of projects and accumulating a wealth of experience so our products have been sold around the world.
                     Over the years, Our excellent performance and high-quality services and a good reputation have gained the majority of customers trust for many years. It's  worth your trust to be absolutely our team of professional skills and friendly service.

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