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                    Mining industry oily wastewater treatment Pretreatment system regulating pond Grease reservoir before deep purification Collecting air floatation from the air floatation separation pool
                    German imports of steel, advanced welding technique for oil-water separator sealed packaging transport. Can be used in acid and alkali environment
                    It is used in CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, drilling machines, milling machine, grinders and other machine tool oil water separation of coolant
                    According to the Japanese JIS HASS-217-1991 standard test, grease removal rate is up to 90%
                    It will separate the floating-oil in the water or on the surface automatically. It can separate oil up to 90%
                    Shanghai Hin Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. "green", "save" the two concepts degreasing machine sales, collectors slick with oil-water separator, oil and water separation equipment, oil-water separator, oil water separator tank, a small oil-water separator, scraping oil machines, steel scraper, belt oil skimmer, grease traps, oil Skimmer, sewage treatment equipment, oil slick skimming machine, grease traps, food oil and water separation, industrial water separation, kitchen grease traps stainless steel belts, sealing machine steel, all kinds of special steel manufacturing.
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